Ship It!

1 min

After being told this for months, we are excited to announce the first public release of Facette!

You can download Facette 0.1.0 from Github, and the documentation is available here.

Here comes a new challenger!

Facette is a web application to display time series data from various sources — such as collectd or Graphite — on graphs. Big deal, I know. However, one of the strengths of Facette is to be able to display metrics from different tools on the same graphs, seamlessly. Other good news, as the webapp is developed in Go it has very few dependencies and is super easy to deploy.

We’ve worked very hard to provide a simple yet complete user interface to build and manage graphs, and expose a comprehensive RESTful API for those who want to use Facette as a powerful building block or to automate its catalog and library management.

We’re just getting started and we have big plans for the future: new connectors, UI improvement… Stay tuned! You can follow us on Twitter.

Caution, wet paint

Since this is our first release, you can expect bugs: please report them on Github. We’re open to suggestions and contributions, but please open an issue to tell us about it before sending any pull request.