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Facette 0.4.0 released

After an extended real-world testing phase, we’re confident enough to finally release the 0.4.0 branch of Facette as production ready.

Here are the highlights of this new version (you can read the complete list of changes and improvements in the post announcing the first alpha release):

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Facette 0.4.0rc2 released

After a new batch of fixes and improvements, here is the second release candidate for the 0.4 branch of Facette:

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Facette 0.4.0rc1 released

A few bugs less and some improvements later, here is the first release candidate for the 0.4.x branch of Facette:

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Facette 0.4.0alpha1 released

It’s been an awfully long time since the latest release, and we’re truly sorry for that. However here’s the good news: the first alpha release of Facette 0.4.0 is here, and there’s a lot to say about it.

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Facette 0.3.0 released

The 0.3.0 release is finally here! Along with the changes announced in the previous release candidate, here comes the improvements of this final release:

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