Facette 0.3.0 released

The 0.3.0 release is finally here! Along with the changes announced in the previous release candidate, here comes the improvements of this final release:

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Dive into Facette: graph templates

Graph templates have been introduced in the 0.3.0rc1 version of Facette.

Instead of the somewhat tedious process of manually creating/cloning similar graphs for a possibly large number of sources and metrics, templates allow you to create a graph “model” once that can then be instanciated as many times you want to create graphs by only specifying the attributes needed. By extension, any change made to a template is automatically applied to all graphs instanciating this template. No more having to edit all your graphs because of a slight change in a description or an axis label!

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Facette 0.3.0rc1 released

The long overdue 0.3.0 release is finally around the corner! We’ve decided to release the next version of Facette as a release candidate due to the number of changes and new features: although we’ve done our best to test it and run it in production for weeks to squash bugs, we’d like users to provide feedback before releasing the 0.3.0 version.

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Facette 0.2.3 released

Here comes the version 0.2.3 of Facette, containing the following bugfixes: Fix issue in InfluxDB connector with unescaped series names Fix missing titles in collection graphs listing Fix relations update with collections parents Fix issue with graph draw queue failing to propagate time spans Fix InfluxDB 1.8 client result backend support The development is still focused on stabilizing the backend and refactoring the UI code to improve its maintainability.

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Facette 0.2.2 released

Here comes the version 0.2.2 of Facette; this is a bugfix release: Fix invalid metric name when editing graph metrics Fix operation groups custom colors management issue Fix buggy globbing in source/metric groups UI improvements Unless major bug uncovered, this is the last release before 0.3.0 version. We’re currently working on greatly improving the library administration and user interface in general. Stay tuned!